The leonids

Sonja van Hamel's new project with Tessa Douwstra - vocals ++, Victor van Woudenberg - drums, Ralph Pouw - bass and the West Side Trio - strings. The LP "Satellite Broadcast Kill" was released in november 2015 and got much critical acclaim. I made all the string arrangements.

Click here for the Leonids website

We will be appearing on festivals later this year!

capital tango

Martin de Ruiter - bandoneon, Andreas Suntrop - guitar and Annie Tangberg - cello

Capital Tango is a new tango group. We play a mix of old tangos and our own compositions. You can hear us and dance to our music in tango salons across Holland.Click here for more info -
Picture by Eddo Hartmann 

West Side Trio

Vera van der Bie - violin, Isabella Petersen - viola, Annie Tångberg - cello

West Side Trio started out as a neighbourhood initiative (we're all living in Amsterdam West) but soon proved to be much more than that: the WST accompanies animated films, do spacious performances and concerts - all with their own music or very special arrangements of existing tunes. The special WST sound is based on string instruments with live electronics and voices-

 In march 2015 we released the CD Apocalyptic Sunrise, we've been touring with the Bill Laurance Project, Jonathan Jeremiah and Sonja van Hamel/The Leonids

We recorded strings for Ken Stringfellow, Sonja van Hamel, Lewis Philips, Reveller and commercials heard on your telly and radio....

West Side Trio also has a website, click here to check it out!

Trio Hoorcomfort

is Miriam Overlach - harp, Bart De Vrees - percussion, and Annie Tångberg -cello

sometimes assisted by Florian de Baeckere - vocals 

plays fresh new music

is analogue, digital, acoustic and electric 

will tickle your ears

new pieces are written for us as you read this..... listen to the premiere of "Wakker, slaapwandelend"  
written by Bart de Vrees -

check the CONCERTS for our next performances  


Knol d'amour

In 2011 I was asked by the foodies from Super Hallo to team up with singer-songwriter Jonathan Brown (Dusty Stray) to make and record some tunes for a potato installation. Yes - you read it right. Potato.Installation.
I had no associations whatever of potatoes and music when we started but I think the result was very good! Super Hallo's potatoe installation on wheels is still rolling around the BeneLux - you can look,listen and eat their incredible fries at festivals through the whole festival season. 

Check their website for dates and a short impression of the potato caravan - 

..and feel free to contact me for projects including food and music. I love both :) 


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