upcoming shows 2018

for concerts of the Metropole Orchestra, check their website: www.mo.nl

3rd of november - with Flip en de Noormannen @ Goudse Schouwburg, Gouda. Showtime: 20.30 

10th of november -with Martin Fondse Orchestra @ November Music, Den Bosch 

25th of november - children's concert with So What! @ het Zonnehuis, Amsterdam showtime: 11.00

28th of november - Sinterklaas concert @ Concertgebouw, Amsterdam showtime: 15.30 

2nd of december - children's concert with So What! @ Zonnehuis, Amsterdam showtime: 11.00

2nd of december - children's concert with So What! @ De Duif, Amsterdam. showtime: 15.00

15th of december - with Martin Fondse's Temple of Music @ Theaters Tilburg, Tilburg. Showtime: 20.30 

31st of december - with Martin Fondse's Temple of Music @ Bimhuis, Amsterdam Showtime: 20.30  

previous shows 2018

18th of january - In Loving Memory (Music theatre performance) @ Zaal 3, Den Haag showtime: 20.30

22nd of january - In Loving Memory   @ Theater Ins Blau, Leiden showtime: 20.30

23rd of january - In Loving Memory @ Peeriscoop, Gorinchem, showtime: 20.30 

25th of march - Margriet Sjoerdsma with WST, Jeroen van Vliet and brass - showtime: 15.00 
studio 2, MCO gebouw Hilversum

14th of may - try out with Martin Fondse Orchestra @ Splendor, Amsterdam  showtime: 20.30

15th of may - with Martin Fondse Orchestra @ Theater het Hof, Arnhem showtime: 20.30

18th of may - with Martin Fondse Orchestra @Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam showtime: 20.30

19th of may - with Martin Fondse OrchestraJazz in Duketown, Den Bosch 

25th of may - with Martin Fondse Orchestra @Paradox, Tilburg showtime: 20.30

27th of may - with Martin Fondse Orchestra Beauforthuis, Austerlitz showtime: 18.30

10th of june - with Martin Fondse Orchestra @ Zeeland Jazzfestival

29th of june - with Martin Fondse Orchestra @ Buitenkunst, Randmeer

30th of june - with Jonathan Jeremiah and WST 
Concert at Sea, Zeeland

15th of july - with Martin Fondse Orchestra @ North Sea Jazz, Rotterdam
2nd of august - with Jonathan Jeremiah and WST 
a summer tale festival, Luhmuhlen, Germany

8th of august - with Jonathan Jeremiah and WST MOODS, Brugge, Belgium

26th of august: with the Oneiros Ensemble, various concerts the whole day @ Erasmuspark, Amsterdam

31st of august: with Jonathan Jeremiah and WST @ PIASnight, Frankfurt, Germany

1st of september: with Jonathan Jeremiah and WST @ Radio at the Park, Møckernbruecke, Berlin, Germany

4th of october: with the Leonids @ NFF, Winkel van Sinkel, Utrecht. Showtime: 19.00

5th of october; with the Leonids @ Luxor, Zutphen

6th of october - with Martin Fondse Orchestra @ HOTHOUSE, Leiden

20th of october - Annie Tangberg hosting the Cellolounge/afterparty @ Amsterdamse Cellobiennale

with Andreas Suntrop- guitar, Udo Demandt - percussion and Udo Prinsen - visuals
Foyer, Muziekgebouw aan t Ij - showtime: 22.30 

23rd of october - cellojamsession @ the Bimhuis! Part of the Cellobiennale, Amsterdam

24th of october - Capital Trio and Emile Visser hosting the Cellolounge at Amsterdamse Cellobiennale
Muziekgebouw aan t Ij, showtime: 22.30

25th of october - with Martin Fondse Orchestra @ Tivoli Vredenburg 

27th of october
- with Flip en de Noormannen @Rietveld theater, Delft

28th of october - Martin Fondse Orchestra @ Beux Jazz, Chasse Theater, Breda 

previous shows 2017

15. january 3X Bach @ Orgelpark, Amsterdam showtime: 14.15 

with Gerard Kleijn - trumpet,  Guillermo Celano - guitar, Fanny Alofs - voice, Hayo Boerema - organ and Annie Tangberg - cello

21. january Buster Keaton's "The General" (silent film) @ Filmtheater Voorschoten. Showtime: 20.00 

Capital Trio is accompanying the film live.  

18. february  Fritz Murnau's TABU @ Muziekgebouw aan t Ij, showtime 20.15 

West Side Trio join forces with the strings of the Metropole Orchestra to play a score written by the trio and some ethereal soundscapes by Robert Fripp along with the dreamy and tragic movie Tabu.  

26. february LÁtlantide (Jaques Feyder) @ EYEFILM, showtime 16.00

Capital Trio and percussionist Udo Demandt provide a live and oriental soundtrack to this very exotic silent film.

11. march - "Deze vuist op deze vuist" - concert for children and parents - Concertgebouw Amsterdam
                   showtime:  13.30 

11. march - "Deze vuist op deze vuist" singalong for children and parents - Concertgebouw Amsterdam
                  showtime 15.30

12. march - "Deze vuist op deze vuist" singalong concert for children and parents - 
                     Concertgebouw Amsterdam showtime; 13.30

12. march - "Deze vuist op deze vuist" singalong concert for children and parents - 

                    Concertgebouw Amsterdam showtime; 15.30 
29 april - with Nikitov @ Domani, Venlo showtime: 20.00

8 may - celebrating 13 years of  Konrad Koselleck Big Band @ the Bimhuis showtime: 20.30

10 may short solo at the West Wednesdays art route - 

18 may with MUTU ensemble @ Classical Next, Rotterdam 

21 may -  cinemaconcert: "The man beneath" (W. Worthington, 1919) @ EYE, Amsterdam showtime: 16.00

10 june - WST playing at the opening of Broedplaats Lely, Amsterdam 

23 june West Side Trio The Bank, ING Gebouw Toren C, Amsterdam showtime: 21.00

6 july Ad Colen en de vogels @ Aleph bookstore, Utrecht showtime: 21.00

12 july CIAO CELLO! Annie's farewell to her beloved bowed instrument. Splendor, Amsterdam
             showtime: 20.30 

With: Martin Fondse, West Side Trio, Sonja van Hamel, Capital Tango, Niels Meliefste, Udo Demandt, Erik Winkelmann, Emile Visser, Dorine Schoon en Super Hallo
27. august - EYEFILM @ NEMOScreening of the Disney classic "A day at the sea" - with new soundtrack by me featuring Tom Trapp on guitars and Vera van der Bie on electric violin  - all day programme (12 - 17.30)

9. september -sneak preview of theatreshow  In loving memory @ Walhalla, Rotterdam showtime: 20.00

15. october - CD release Minotaurotango KHL Koffiehuis, Amsterdam

28. october Capital Tango @ Concertgemaal, Amsterdam showtime: 20.00

11 november Mutu Ensemble "Test EXTRA" @ Nutshuys, Den Haag. Showtime: 20.00

12 november Mutu Ensemble "The Well and the Gentle" @ Splendor, Amsterdam Showtime: 19.00

14 november  
try-out In Loving memory (muziektheater)  Theater de Kikker, Utrecht 

15 november  try-out In loving memory (muziektheater) Theater de Kikker, Utrecht 
16 november  premiere In Loving Memory (muziektheater)  Theater de Kikker, Utrecht 
17 november In Loving memory  Theater de Kikker, Utrecht 
25 november  In loving memory  Walhalla, Rotterdam 

29 november "Zing mee voor Sinterklaas"@ Concertgebouw, Amsterdam showtime: 15.30

30 november In loving memory Ketelkantine Noletloodsen, Schiedam  showtime: 20.30

1 december In loving memory @  Ketelkantine Noletloodsen, Schiedam  showtime: 

6 december with Boy Edgar prize winner Martin Fondse & band BimhuisAmsterdam. Showtime: 20.30

16 december  with Martin Fondse and band @ U-Jazz, Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht Showtime: 19.30 

24 december  "Der Mandarin" (Fritz Kreisler 1918) silent film with live music @ EYE, Amsterdam showtime: 16.00


past shows 2016

23. january  with "Bach Reflections" at Orgelpark, Amsterdam.  showtime 8.15 pm

14. feb - de Ontbijtclub - spoken word with music - with Lottie Hellingman and guests, Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch. Showtime: 11.30 am

5 march 
!Communicacion! a tango show with Quinteto Capital Tango @ de Nieuwe Regentes, Den Haag

13. march accompanying silent film "En Rade" (1927) @ EYE, Amsterdam Showtime: 4 pm

11. april - solo at Gemeente Amsterdam..... follow the red carpet, take the stairs to the top floor to hear some cello music! 

Between 1 pm and 4 pm, Jodenbreestraat 25 Amsterdam

13. april short solo performance at West Wednesdays, WG plein, Amsterdam 7.15 pm

11. may West Side Trio @ West Wednesdays! 

Tetterode gebouw,(amazing location!!!)  Bilderdijkstraat 165, Amsterdam. performances at 18.30, 19.30 and 20.30! 

29. may Jonathan Jeremiah with WST @ Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam. Doors: 4pm

8. june West Side Trio @ West Wednesdays

18. june solo performance "trip to the Southpole" Amundsenhofje festival, Antarctica, Amsterdam West
1. july Jonathan Jeremiah with WST @ Openluchttheater De Goffert, Nijmegen

14. july Jonathan Jeremiah with WST @ Caprera Openluchttheater, Bloemendaal

17. juli with Yentl & de Boer and WST @ Robeco Zomerconcerten, Concertgebouw Kleine Zaal, Amsterdam

18. juli with Yentl & de Boer and WST @ Robeco Zomerconcerten, Concertgebouw Kleine Zaal, Amsterdam

17. august West Side Trio @ Slottuintheater, Zeist  Showtime: 20.15

 28. august with Yentl en de Boer and WST @ Caprera buitenluchttheater, showtime: 20.30

30. august with Martin de Ruiter, bandoneon: "Een avond met Cocaine" theme night @EYE - 19.15 and 21.15

3. september with Jonathan Jeremiah and WST @ BRUIS! Maastricht, showtime: 20.00

5. september with Capital Trio - Buster Keaton's The General Toneelschuur Haarlem.Showtime: 19.30

11. september Yoga Concert with WST Theaters Tilburg, classes at 9.30 and 10.45 

12. september with Nora Fischer and Konrad Koselleck Big Band @ Bimhuis, Amsterdam

18. september Cello Biennale Film special with Martin de Ruiter & Emile Visser @ EYE,Amsterdam  showtime 16.00 

24. september with Capital Trio Buster Keaton's the General @ Forum, Groningen 

30. september The Leonids West Side Trio @  Theaters Tilburg, showtime 20.30

1. october  with Sonja van Hamel, Vera van der Bie & Tessa Douwstra @ Heining Ervaringfestival showtime 16.00 - festivalbus from Sloterdijk Station the whole afternoon, lots of activities for kids! 

5. october Capital Tango @ Krefeld bandoneon festival , Germany

8. october with The Leonids Cross Comix festival, Schouwburg Rotterdam

12. october West Side Trio 
West Wednesdays, Cafe Belcampo, De Hallen, Amsterdam showtime: 18.00

22. october with Elements of Freestyle - ISH!Circolo festival, Liempde

23. october with Elements of Freestyle - ISH!Circolo festival, Liempde

24. october with Elements of Freestyle - ISH!Circolo festival, Liempde

25. october with Elements of Freestyle - ISH!Circolo festival, Liempde

26. october with Elements of Freestyle - ISH!Circolo festival, Liempde

28. october with Capital Trio, accompanying silent film "The General", Eindhoven cinema tba

30. october with Who's the Bossa? @ Theater de Stoep, Spijkenisse

6. november "Met de cello naar de Zuidpool" solo cello  with visual artist Sonja van Hamel 
@ Amundsenfestival, Stadsalon, Amsterdam Starting at 14.30

12. november with The Leonids @ Luxor,  Zutphen

17. november with The Leonids @ Oostbloktheater, Amsterdam 

20. november with Capital Tango @ El Gran Compas Tangosalon, Societeit De Vereiniging, Haarlem. Showtime: 17.15 

22. november Capital Tango concert, Theater Heerenlogement, Beusichem showtime: 20.30 

23. november with Capital Trio @ IDFA awards, Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam showtime: 

26. november with Jonathan Jeremiah and WST @ Songbird Festival, Rotterdam 

30. november Sinter Klaas children's concert @ Concertgebouw, Amsterdam -showtime:  15.30

1. december Anat Spiegel CD release concert Noorderlicht cafe - showtime 22.00

4. december with Gerard Kleijn Trio, Cafe van Leeuwen, Amsterdam showtime: 20.00

7. december MUTU ensemble electronic X-mas party @ Zaal 100, Amsterdam 

9. december with The Leonids State-X festival, Den Haag

28. december with Jonathan Jeremiah and WST @ Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam

29. december with Jonathan Jeremiah and WST @ Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam 

past SHOWS 2015

11 january - West Side Trio @ Maly Glen, Prague, Tsjech Republic. Showtime: 20 hrs

12  january - West Side Trio @ Klub Rybanaruby, Prague, Tsjech Republic Showtime: 20 hrs

14 + 15 january - Sonja van Hamel, Tessa Douwstra, Eddo Hartmann and WST perform at the dutch literary festival in Prague, "O lasce a nizozemi" - Archatheater, Prague, Tsjech Republic

14 february - children's concert "Zing met ons mee" with Fay Lovsky, Cor Bakker and more, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam showtime: 13.30 hr and 15.30 hr

15 february - children's concert "Zing met ons mee"  @ Concertgebouw, Amsterdam showtime: 13.30 and 15.30 hr

22 february - accompanying the silent film "Ein verhaengnisvoller Schwur" (DE 1919) with vocalist Anat Spiegel. Eye FilmmuseumAmsterdam, showtime 16.00 hrs

4 march - Danzen op een glazen plafond - with Corrie van Binsbergen and band,Wilminktheater, Enschede Showtime 20 hrs

7 march - Danzen op een glazen plafond - with Corrie van Binsbergen and band, Lantaren Venster Rotterdam  Showtime: 20.30 hrs

13. march - Danzen op een glazen plafond - with Corrie van Binsbergen and band, Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, showtime 20.30 hrs

14. march - Danzen op een glazen plafond - with Corrie van Binsbergen and bandChasse Theater, Breda
showtime 21.30 hrs

18. march. WEST SIDE TRIO CD RELEASE PARTY De Kring, Leidse Plein, Amsterdam ! showtime 20.30 

28. march West Side Trio @ EYE, Amsterdam. Showtime: 18 -20 hrs

3. may  Sonja van Hamel band, Tessa Douwstra, West Side Trio and visuals by Eddo Hartman @ Theater aan het Spui, Zaal 3 Den Haag Showtime: 16 hrs

The Bill Laurance Project Swift Tour 2015 (featuring West Side Trio!):

12. may  Paradiso [Bitterzoet], Amsterdam. Showtime: 21 hrs

13. may @ Paradox, Tilburg.  Showtime:20.30 hrs

14. may  @ Tivoli, Utrecht Showtime: 20.15 hrs

15. may  @ Duc des Lombards, Paris, France 

16. may @ Duc des Lombards, Paris, France

17. may @ Metropool, Hengelo, NL

18. may naTo, Leipzig, DE

19. may @ Jazzclub Unterfahrt, Munchen, Germany

20. may JazzitSalzburgCH 

21. may @ Musik in Pflegidach, Muri, CH

22. may @ Jazz Rally, Duesseldorf, Germany

23. may Union Chapel, London, GB

25. may @ Band on the WallManchester, GB

26. may @ Sage, Gateshead, GB

27. may @ Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham, GB

28. may @ The Lantern, Colston Hall, Bristol, GB

29. may @ St. Georges, Brighton, GB 

13. june Lulu marathon with Capital Tango Holland Festival - EYEFILM, Amsterdam  7.15 pm

14. june Capital Tango @Geertekerk, Utrecht 

15. june soloist (cello and vocals) with the Konrad Koselleck Big Band @ BimhuisAmsterdam 8.30 pm 

29. june West Side Trio @ Westwaarts Summer Festival, Erasmuspark, Amsterdam  7.45 pm

1. july with The Bill Laurance Project @ Sugar Club, Dublin, Ireland 

2. july with The Bill Laurance Project Mau Mau Club, London, UK

4. july with The Bill Laurance Project @ Love Supreme, Brighton, UK  

16. september with Capital Tango @ Toonzaal, Den Bosch

18. september with Lenine and Martin Fondse Orchestra @ Rock in Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

30. september with West Side Trio at a benefit concert for Musicians without Borders, Zaal 100 Amsterdam 

17. october premiere of the MUTU ensemble @ Splendor, Amsterdam - showtime 20.30

18. october MUTU ensemble @ Studio Loos, The Hague, showtime 15.00

27. october with The Leonids, Sonja van Hamel's new band at the opening of Klik! Animatie festival
     Eye, Amsterdam

30. october with the Leonids @ Klik! Animatie Festival, Eyefilm, Amsterdam

31. october with Martin de Ruiter and Emile Visser  at SneakPreview, Amsterdam Cellobiennale. Muziekgebouw aan t Ij, Amsterdam

6. november Lenine and Martin Fondse Orchestra @ Bimhuis, Amsterdam

12. november Lenine and Martin Fondse Orchestra @ Centro Cultural Correios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

13. november  Lenine and Martin Fondse Orchestra @ Centro Cultural CorreiosRio de Janeiro, Brazil

14. november  Lenine and Martin Fondse Orchestra @ Centro Cultural CorreiosRio de Janeiro, Brazil

17. november  Lenine and Martin Fondse Orchestra @ Theatro NET, Sao Paolo, Brazil

18. november  Lenine and Martin Fondse Orchestra @ Theatro NET, Sao Paolo, Brazil

28. november
 with Jonathan Jeremiah and West Side Trio @ Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, NL

28. november with Jonathan Jeremiah and West Side Trio @ Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, NL

12. december West Side Trio @ De Roode Bioscoop, Amsterdam showtime: 15.00

13. december playing with jiddisch singer Nikitof in Breda - more info soon

19. december instore concert with The Leonids @ Concerto, Amsterdam showtime: 16.00

20. december accompanying Charlie Chaplin's film "The Circus" with the EYEFILM orchestra @ EYE, Amsterdam showtime: 16.00 (for children and grown ups from 8 years) 

27. december Sonja van Hamel with West Side Trio and visuals!!! @ Vredenburg, Utrecht


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